Custom linker name for iframe cross domain tracking

Custom linker name for iframe cross domain tracking

Ecommerce platforms like Eventbrite requires custom linker name for cross-domain tracking to get working, as most of the user’s iframes for ticket selection it becomes pretty hard to do things easily, but if you use GTM, things work well in just a few steps with a hitCallback that executes a customJs variable when GA loads.

Below is the CustomJS to be used in GTM.

function() {
  return function() {
      var tracker = ga.getAll()[0]; // first tracker
      var trackerid = tracker.get('clientId');
      var iframe = document.querySelector('#event_brite');  // id of the iframe
      iframe.src = iframe.src+'&_eboga='+trackerid;  //  _ga or_eboga - linker name

Normal linker name in Google Analytics cross-domain tracking is _ga while for Eventbrite it requires custom name – _eboga

If all is well you will get this:- custom linker name with GA client id decorated over the iframe source link.

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