Reusing Enhanced ecommerce datalayer variables

Google Tag Manager Feb 14, 2021

This guide will help to reuse existing Google Analytics EEC Purchase data-layers for other marketing pixels /tags (like Facebook Pixel).

Below are the key main variables available for reusing.

Datalayer Variable Field
ecommerce.purchase.actionField.revenue Transaction Revenue Transaction ID
ecommerce.currencyCode Currency Code Transaction Coupon Tax Cost
ecommerce.purchase.actionField.shipping Shipping Cost

To show a simple demo of real use case,  will setup a Facebook pixel for Purchase event.  

To start with,  

1️⃣ create two VRAIBLES -  EEC Purchase - Revenue & EEC Purchase - Currency.

2️⃣ TAGS

Now configuring a standard Facebook pixel PURCHASE event, specifying currency and revenue from the datalayer.  

(assuming Facebook page view event wile be fired before this event)


Trigger will depend on your setup, if event is set within the EEC datalayer then specify that event for the trigger.



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